1. Scope

This policy covers the development and maintenance of risk assessments relating to safeguarding and health and safety for School pupils and visitors.

2. Objectives

  • To ensure that major risks are identified and managed as part of an overarching policy with a view to promoting children's welfare.
  • To ensure that suitable and sufficient risk assessments are undertaken for activities where there is likely to be significant risk including school trips
  • That identified control measures are implemented to control risk so far as reasonably practicable.
  • That those affected by school activities have received suitable information on what to do.
  • That the risk management strategy and risk assessments are recorded and reviewed when appropriate.
  • To identify those in the school responsible for conducting risk assessment and monitoring its implementation.

3.Links with other policies

This risk assessment policy links to the following policies:

  • Health and safety
  • Health & First aid
  • Supporting pupils with medical conditions

4. Responsibilites

The Head and School Board are responsible for the overarching risk management policy of the school. The overall strategy will be formally reviewed on a bi-annual basis.  The responsibilities of governors and/or senior managers may be delegated. The Head of Section/Infant School Manager/ Bursar will be responsible for the implementation of the risk assessment policy. 

Risk assessments will take into account:

  • hazard - something with the potential to cause harm
  • risk - an evaluation of the likelihood of the hazard causing harm
  • risk rating - assessment of the severity of the outcome of an event
  • control measures - physical measures and procedures put in place to mitigate the risk

The risk assessment process will consist of the following 6 steps:

  • what could go wrong
  • who might be harmed
  • how likely is it to go wrong
  • how serious would it be if it did
  • what are you going to do to stop it
  • how are you going to check that your plans are working

A list of areas (non-exhaustive) which will require risk assessment is included below with details of staff responsible

Adopted:        October 2018                                  Review:      October 2020


  • Areas which will require risk assessment (Adobe PDF 54KB)