The British Council School can also be found in the heart of Madrid, where our British Council Infant School is open to children between two and five years old.

Located in the El Viso district, the Infant School follows the English national curriculum for children from the age of two, with the same innovative and revolutionary approach which characterises the British Council School. 

'We try to evolve and adapt to changing times’, said Gillian Flaxman, Head of the British Council School, during our opening ceremony. ‘We are proud to present this new centre, which fulfils the philosophy of the British Council School, making sure that everything is in place to make children feel at home’. 

Our facilities 

The British Council Infant School houses modern classrooms, structured into different work areas, where children develop their physical and mental abilities, while investigating and learning through participation in games and activities inside and outside the classroom. 

The British Council School is celebrating 80 years of the innovation that has led to international recognition for excellence in British and Spanish education. Effort and creativity complement the foundations of our teaching methods, which always promote the development of the whole child. Early Years in El Viso offers the best of British education, based on innovation and tradition, with the individual attention which forms the basis of children's education for their future.

British Council Infants, C/Alfonso Rodríguez Santamaría 23-25. 28002 Madrid.

A map showing the location of the infant school