Our Bilingual Baby Club supports parents in creating a bilingual environment in the home for children.

Our Early Years Team has created the Bilingual Baby Club for families who are looking for early bilingual education for their children. 
The baby club sessions offer a range of engaging, fun and creative activities, in a language rich, safe environment, for children from 13 months of age. 

Who is it for? 

The BBC activities and workshops  are aimed at children from 9 to 36 months old. They should be accompanied by and adult (parent or tutor). It is open to all - whether you have children at the British Council School or not. However, these activities are a very good opportunity to get a flavour to the British Council School exciting community. 

A wide range of stimulating activities and cutting-edge pedagogy will provide you the opportunity to learn in family the best way to introduce English language in daily life naturally, so children can learn while playing and enjoying all activities. The best way to introduce English is through experience, preparation and all the educational resources our school offers. 

Adults must be willing to get involved in this exciting journey and eager to learn through fun activities. They will experience the first steps in their child's social and communications development. 

What does it consist of?

A set of workshops, storytelling, songs and live online activities, including the access to an exclusive intranet with educational resources so you can do lots of activities with your family and be able to continue with the learning before and after the live sessions.
Interaction between families will be of upmost importance in this club. Through shared learning, each family will be encouraged to share their experience with other participating families. iendo las actividades y al propio club.

The aim of our Bilingual Baby Club is to help babies from 9 to 36 months with a mother tongue different than English to learn this language naturally. And with the support of their parents. 
The termly fees are 500€, including the access to our online platform and a Welcome Pack. You can check the first term programme below: 

ACTIVITIES Group 1 (Tuesday) Time Group 2 (Thursday) Time
Into The Woods 10/11/2021 10.30h 11/11/2021 15.30h
Hey Diddle Diddle The Cat And The Fiddle 16/11/2021 10.30h 18/11/2021 15.30h
Colours Galore 23/11/2021 10.30h 25/11/2021 15.30h
Round and Round 30/11/2021 10.30h 02/12/2021 15.30h
How Do You Feel Today? 09/12/2021 10.30h 09/12/2021 15.30h
Seasonal Senses 14/12/2021 10.30h 16/12/2021 15.30h
Onsite session at our school (pending confirmation) sábado, 18/12/2021 10.30h 18/12/2021 15.30h
Jingle Bells 21/12/2021 10.30h 21/12/2021 15.30h

Sessions will be held through TeamsLas sesiones se realizarán en directo a través de la plataforma Teams. 

How can I sign up?

  • Places for live sessions will be limited to a maximum of 12 children.
  • Registration will be open to children between 9 and 36 months old.
  • Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis..

Don't hesitate to drop us an email to admisionescolegio@britishcouncil.es should you have any further questions.