Our Bilingual Baby Club supports parents in creating a bilingual environment in the home for children.

Our Early Years Team has created the Bilingual Baby Club for families who are looking for early bilingual education for their children. 

The baby club sessions offer a range of engaging, fun and creative activities, in a language rich, safe environment, for children from 13 months of age.


Who is it for? 

This Bilingual Baby Club (BBC) is open to all - whether you have children at the British Council School or not. 

The BBC has been designed to create opportunities for parents and carers of children between 13 and 36 months of age who would like to take advantage of the expertise and resources of the British Council School.

Our BBC is not a day care service, but a carefully and professionally designed space and set of stimulating and fun activities for parents to enjoy with their children, in English, and under the guidance of our specialised teaching staff.

All children attending BBC will be accompanied by an adult who would like to become more confident at leading their child’s learning through play, and witness the first steps in their child’s social and communicative development.

What does it consist of?

We hope to build on their knowledge of supporting the development of their children, within the frame work of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This framework reflects the rapid growth and development rate of children at this stage, and how to ensure that the academic objectives are providing the best possible start in life.

The programme is centred around the 7 areas of development: 3 prime areas of personal, social and emotional development, physical development, communication and language; and the 4 specific areas of literacy, maths, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design.

It will be an active and flexible programme, adapting to the ever changing needs of its participants. The bespoke activities and resources will reflect the monthly objectives, and the varying developmental and communicative abilities, needs and interests of the children.

What is the timetable?

  • The BBClub runs between once and three times a week.
  • 90 minutes per session in Early Years, Somosaguas and in the Infant School, El Viso - contact us to find out the schedules in each centre.

What does it cost?

  • Termly fees for:
1 day a week  455€
2 days a week  760€
3 days a week  990€
  • The registration fee is 250€

How can I sign up?

  • Places will be limited to a maximum of 9 and a minimum of 4 children per group.
  • Registration will be open to children of between 13 and 36 months. 
  • Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, although the following children will be given preference: Brothers and sisters of current school students; Children and grandchildren of School alumni.

If you are interested in finding out more the Admissions department 91 337 5050 or schooladmissions@britishcouncil.es.

Admissions Department | British Council School |

Calle Solano 5 y 7 | Pozuelo de Alarcón | 23223 Madrid

T | (+34) 913 37 5050 | E | admisionescolegio@britishcouncil.es

Bilingual Baby Club BBC
BBC School

Sign up for a session in AdmisionesColegio@britishcouncil.es, indicating the age of the baby, and the name and surname of adult who is coming (father, mother, grandparent, etc.). We're waiting for you!