Our Bilingual Baby Club supports parents in creating a bilingual environment in the home for children.

Our Early Years Team has created the Bilingual Baby Club for families who are looking for early bilingual education for their children. 
Your child is at the centre of this individualised programme which follows, responds to and evolves from the interests of each individual. Adults accompany their children on this bespoke journey of learning and discovery and acquire skills and knowledge to support their child’s development at home.

Who is it for? 

The BBC activities and workshops are designed for children from 14 to 36 months old. They should be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian, or other carer designated by the family). The club is open to all - whether you have children at the British Council School or not.

It is a unique opportunity for families with babies and toddlers, committed to a bilingual early years education. The bespoke activities and resources reflect the individual preferences and varying developmental needs and abilities of the children.

Through a wide range of stimulating activities and resources the bbclub sessions provide many opportunities to experiment, play and learn together in a language-rich environment.

At the bilingual baby club, children are exposed to contextualised English language and natural interaction and can explore a wide range of high-quality age-appropriate resources. Feedback is immediate and they receive individualised attention in an enabling learning environment.

Adults build on their understanding of early child development and learning and develop a set of tools to help maximise language learning opportunities with their child. The small group sizes that meet in a safe, friendly, and controlled environment, have the continuous support of our experts in Early learning and development. 

This is perfect for parents, guardian’s and carers who want to play an active part in this exciting journey of development.

What does it consist of?

90-minute sessions twice a week, our bilingual babies (along with their accompanying adult) come together in our carefully prepared bbclub space, to play, explore and learn. Supported by our session leaders, this is a relaxed and fun environment for discovery and learning.

The bbclub is a programme of workshops, which incorporate games, storytelling, songs and exploration, and includes access to an exclusive intranet with educational resources that you can explore and enjoy in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.

As the bbclub is open to all, it is also a fantastic opportunity for families starting to think about choosing a School, to meet us and get a taste of the British Council School community. Something our former baby club members have enjoyed the most are the relationships and the support network that develops over time amongst the likeminded families, as well as between the children! 

The termly fees include access to our online platform and a Welcome Pack as well as the sessions in school. 

How can I sign up?

Registration will be open to children between 14 and 36 months old.

We will be keeping groups small, and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Don't hesitate to drop us an email to admisionescolegio@britishcouncil.es should you have any further questions.