By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

18 June 2019 - 09:35

To celebrate the arrival of Summer, the School organised a Baby Splash Party for our youngest students, on the 15th of June. This is a family event run by the Bilingual Baby Club for children up to the age of 6, with water based activities, sand games, story-telling in English and a lot more besides. A total of 80 children along with their parents, put the icing on the cake, or rather on the sand, to a year in which these little ones and their families have started off learning English.

The School wanted the event to highlight the work of the Bilingual Baby Club, hosting a range of activities which are designed to promote learning and development through the use of English language. Above all, it is designed to be fun for both children and parents to enjoy activities together, through the medium of English.  That´s why the event was open to parents and also to anyone else interested in developing bilingual skills from an early age.

The School recognizes that there is a growing demand from families at the School, to be able to combine native language learning with other foreign languages at home, English being the most important. Using this rationale, the Early Years team came up with the Bilingual Baby Club, as a way of giving children between 14 and 36 months old, the best possible start in learning other languages, in this case English.

Touch screen tables and swimming pools

Following a sea based theme, the Splash Party also included a fun photocall, with families being able to take pictures around different marine props, surfboards, fishing baskets, and even a shark with its mouth wide open, for the bravest ones. The photocall was the initial start point where the children picked up their maps, to be able to follow the game and get the timetable for the story-telling activities.

Through the different activities, the children learned about the animals at the bottom of the sea and about the importance of marine conservation. On their journey along the ocean floor, the children came across touch screen tables, with which they were able to touch, feel, experiment and also incidentally, cool down a bit as well. The Splash tables had little water mills and chutes to play with and channel the water; waterbeads to develop sense of touch and hone observation skills by looking for small sunken creatures; and at the end MagicSand, using kinetic sand, so that the children could play as if they were on a real beach.

The swimming area was also a lot of fun, set up with various children´s pools and different games, such as fishing for little fish and other small sea creatures in the water. Children were able to fish, see them splash and return them to the pool. They were also able to rescue little floating crabs, recovering them from amongst debris, collecting them and cleaning them, before setting them off to swim in a safe area. And also, one of the most exciting activities, Turttlezone. This was a pool filled with blue balls, representing “waste”, and small turtles, which the children had to “rescue”, before reuniting them with Mama turtle.

As well as having fun in the water, the children also enjoyed a workshop, where they were able to decorate their own wooden palettes with motifs of various sea creatures. They coloured them in and took them home, as a nice souvenir to play with over the Summer.

The event also had a Baby area, where parents could enjoy playing with their babies or where they could leave them for a while, whilst they played with their older children. In this area, there were children´s games, horseshoe shaped cushions, sensory games and all kinds of other facilities for babies.

It was a most enjoyable and refreshing way to end the School year and welcome in the much deserved holiday season. See you all in September!