The British Council School believes that it is fundamentally important to create well rounded young people and that therefore in addition to securing academic success, the school views their social, moral and cultural development as equally important.

Two specific parts of the British Council School's Mission are:

  • To develop well-rounded, global citizens, aware of their responsibilities and confident in their ability to succeed
  • To produce modern, global citizens who relish challenge and responsibility and who possess the resilience to succeed

The British Council School believes that if children are happy and secure in themselves then they will be:

  • Better and more effective learners
  • Happy in life
  • Able to contribute meaningfully to the world around them

Five core values underpin every aspect of school life:

  • Caring: Young people perform at their best when they are in a caring, nurturing environment. Our Family approach ensures this is the case.
  • Loyalty: Within their school Families, students have responsibilities to each other, support each other and are loyal to each other. We regroup families from time to time to foster loyalty to all fellow students.
  • Flexibility: In a rapidly changing world the future is uncertain. We encourage students to embrace opportunities and to open doors to new possibilities.
  • Resilience: Successful young people are confident that they can overcome adversity. That’s why we focus on building resilience.
  • Challenge: We encourage students to take on and overcome challenges, constantly achieving higher goals and progressing in all aspects of their development.

This school policy was reviewed in October 2018.

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